Edge 30 Ultra will be the first to use OmniVision’s 50 and 60 MP sensors

Since last year, Motorola has returned to investing heavily in top-of-the-line cell phones. The first effort came with the Edge family, but soon it reached the Moto G line, which gained a very powerful Moto G100 and even a new generation is already planned. The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is expected to follow suit, and new information speaks of the debut of two powerful OmniVision sensors in the device’s cameras.

Currently the Moto G200 is the company’s most advanced flagship, but it should soon make room for the Edge 30 Ultra (Moto Edge X in China). The phone will bring the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 as well as the Xiaomi 12, and your ad looks very close.

In addition to Qualcomm’s most modern platform, we are now aware that the smartphone will usher in two camera sensors on the market. With that, it can be expected that Lenovo has taken an important care in terms of photography for the top of the line.

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Edge 30 Ultra should adopt a look similar to other models launched by Motorola (Image: Steve Hemmerstoffer/91Mobiles)

60 megapixel front camera

According to Chen Jin, general manager of the cell phone segment at Lenovo in China, the Edge 30 Ultra will be the first handset on the market with the OV60A and OV50A sensors. The first one is dedicated for the front shots, and the other one must be the main rear lens of the model.

The OV60A has 60 MP of definition, and Motorola is likely to use pixel compression technology (4 to 1) to form a lower resolution (15 MP) image. The advantage here would be to condense several pixels into one, improving the lighting and definition of the record.

The sensor is the first on the market with 0.61 um pixels. It supports 4K video recording and has digital stabilization. Its size is 1/2.8 inch, and it supports HDR for both photos and videos

OmniVision OV50A allows 8K videos

The OV50A is a 50 MP solution with 1.0 um pixels. It promises DSLR focus, but many products on the market have tried to compare themselves to professional cameras without success. According to OmniVision, it would achieve this performance thanks to a quad-phase detection system, covering 100% focus of what the PDAF system sees.

Combined with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, this camera can record 8K HDR video at 30 FPS, 4K at 90 FPS, Full HD at 240 FPS, and HD at 480 FPS if Motorola so chooses.

This, however, may not be the cell phone that will inaugurate the 200 MP camera promised by the company. It is worth remembering that Motorola has already announced that it will have a cell phone with a sensor of the type, showing that after its return to the premium market, it wants to compete better for those looking for an advanced photographic system.

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