Edmundo Valladares and the reinforcements: "We have several names"

After the unexpected defeat against Cobresal that he suffered Colo Colo at the Monumental stadium, the coach Gustavo Quinteros He reiterated that he awaits the arrival of reinforcements, as the dates continue to pass and he cannot strengthen the squad.

Moreover, for the rematch of the Copa Chile semifinal against Unión Española that will be played this Wednesday, September 1 at the Santa Laura stadium, Quinteros will not be able to count on two key pieces, since Gabriel Costa and Iván Morales were called up to the national team of Peru and Chile respectively to dispute the triple date of the South American Qualifiers for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

For this reason, the technician urgently requests the reinforcements and the president of the Colo-Colo and Blanco y Negro Social and Sports Club, Edmundo Valladares assured that they have several names in the folder, but that they are working responsibly to please Quinteros.

“There is a job that the sports management headed by Daniel Morón is leading. We have several names, the truth is that many times it can be perceived that they are procedures that are slow, but it is not an easy market, there are amounts that are very high in general and we are facing a situation of a very important economic tightening“Valladares expressed on Radio Cooperativa.

There is a very big crisis that has caused us to have lower incomes by 40 percent in the last year and a half and we are doing a responsible job. There are names and whether or not we can bring reinforcements will depend on how the negotiations end and we trust Daniel’s work, “he added.

Regarding the delay in the arrival of reinforcements, Valladares argued that “It is a responsible search, it is a search in which we are going to consider players who come to contribute and add to a group that is consolidating in a very good way. “

Gustavo Quinteros continues to ask for reinforcements for Colo Colo. (Photo: Agency One)

“We know that we want to have the most competitive team that can be and we are always going to work in that line, but with the necessary realism and in a responsible manner “, he concluded.

For now, Colo Colo has not added reinforcements for the second semester and the semifinal match and an eventual Copa Chile final, plus the commitment against O’Higgins for the National Championship will have to be played without his selected team.

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