Edtech from six regions will receive seed capital from Startup Peru to consolidate in the national and international market

A total of 15 startups in the education sector from six regions of the country will receive seed capital of between S/ 50,000 to S/ 150,000 soles and technical support from the ProInnóvate program of the Ministry of Production (Produce), in order to boost their development and consolidation in the national and international market.

These edtech belonging to the Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Áncash, Huánuco and Ica regions are part of the 105 winning projects of the recent Startup Peru 8G+ contest, a ProInnóvate initiative that promotes and co-finances innovative entrepreneurship in the country.

Among these education ventures are projects such as Cuentología, Ise Academy, Arcux, Konstruedu, Klase Uno, Mayugo, Juried, IncluEdu, Unicorn Academy, among others that provide an academic offer of teaching together with the use of tools, apps or instruments to improve , access or enhance the learning of certain groups or communities interested in training in something.

Below, we present some of the startups that were selected by ProInnóvate for having an innovative and technological educational offer.

short story

This enterprise offers original stories for emotional support for children. The Storytelling offer offers a box of audio tools, to which you can go in search of a special topic, that you want to explain to a girl or boy or so that they can overcome a challenge. All Cuentología stories are based on real life cases and created based on the real needs of today’s parents.

Ise Academy

It offers the connection of professionals with specialized schools in the online world and with experts. Ise Academy seeks to update the skills of its users with learning experiences such as synchronous, asynchronous, virtual reality courses, specialized advice and educational resources. To date they have already trained more than 2,500 students.

Archux Architecture

It is an online training platform for the construction sector, founded in 2018, which has more than 80 courses on architecture, design, engineering and construction, and with more than 100,000 students from 25 countries, including Peru, Mexico , Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile.


It is the first educational gamification platform in Peru, which seeks to introduce educators to innovative teaching methodologies and in a practical way. Through its platform, Juried connects, encourages and motivates educators to use innovative teaching strategies such as gamification (a learning technique that uses game mechanics to achieve better results and certain objectives), storytelling and project-based learning.

It is important to indicate that the sector edtech It has been developing in Peru, with greater speed in the context of the pandemic, to meet the demands of the various types of users, providing alternatives and a much more friendly and accessible training offer, breaking down the barriers of physical space that many Sometimes it was an obstacle for the students.

Important data of Startup Peru

  • Through the latest call for Startup Peru 8G+, ProInnóvate will benefit 105 startups from 13 regions and different productive sectors with non-refundable seed capital and technical support, for a total amount of S/11 million.
  • The selected startups belong to the sectors edtechHealth, agritech, e-commerce, fintech, software Y foodtech, fashiontechlogistics and support, biotechcreative industries, energy and clean technology, among others.
  • StartUp Peru 8G+ is the generation with the most beneficiaries of the entire contest, which was launched in 2014. It includes startups from Lima, Arequipa, La Libertad, Huánuco, Cusco, Junín, Áncash, Tacna, Lambayeque, Ica, San Martín, Piura and Cajamarca.

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