Eduardo Lobos longs for the return of Claudio Bravo

In recent days it has been commented that in Colo Colo they will look for formulas to tempt the return of Claudio Bravo in the face of a possible participation in the next edition of Copa Libertadores. The goalkeeper himself has said that he would love to return to the club where he was born if there is a real desire to have him.

Eduardo Lobos, a former teammate of his in the Cacique’s minor series, spoke about this possibility, who highlighted all the facets in which the historic national goalkeeper who plays for Real Betis in Spain can contribute.

“That Claudio can have the possibility of returning will give an important level to the local championship, it gives a bonus to the showcase generated by the tournament. If he returns to Colo Colo I would be very happy, he has a lot to contribute, he still has a very high performance, he has a lot to deliver from his experience in Europe. Beyond something sporting, it has lessons for the boys who come from below “he said in conversation with Redgol.

Added that “He is the best goalkeeper in the history of Chilean football, having him transfers lessons to everyone. What transmits leadership to the outside, his tranquility, dressing room management, you can get a lot of things out of a turn. If Claudio returns, it is because he is in optimal conditions to compete “.

His joy for the Cacique’s present

The goalkeeper who holds the bankruptcy title enjoys the good time of Colo Colo in the National Championship, especially for what he experienced last year with the fight not to descend for the first time in his history.

“I am very happy, there are people I have known for many years at the club, just before playing against Lautaro we trained at the Monumental and I met a lot of friends. I am very happy that there is that tranquility after what I experienced last year, fighting the relegation, they had a bad time “he commented.

Eduardo Lobos defended the Colo Colo goal in two periods. / PHOTO: Agencia Uno

In addition, he praised the good time of his players, having special words for two trained at the club.

“There is tranquility because the results are there, there are good individual performances, there are young soccer players performing as if they had 200 games in the First Division. I hope the above will not be lived again, from being almost on the verge of decline, today there is stability and a solid base. There are players who are doing very well like Morales, the Pizarro boy who appeared from behind “, full.

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