Education is the right path to Total Peace: President Petro at the UN

at the headquarters of United Nations President Gustavo Petro installed and chaired the Round Table II of the Summit on the Transformation of Educationconvened by the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres.

During the opening words, the president assured that conceives “education as the certain path to total peaceto the democratization of culture and the knowledge society”.

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He reiterated that with education, “it will change the unequal power of the world, the unequal power of our societies” and emphasized that “it will allow us to find ourselves, strengthen our identity and connect in more and better ways with the world.”

President Petro explained to the attendees the vision that his Government has to materialize the purposes for the promotion of education in Colombia.

For this reason, he assured that his Government will build universities that “will be the foundations of Total Peace. The rectors of the universities are now in the security councils, they will be – as I have said – the main protagonists of peace”.

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