Eduin Caz learned to drink after success

Elizabeth Garcia / Reform

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 22:20

Mexico City.- Eduin Caz confessed how he entered the drink.

According to the leader of Grupo Firme, before becoming famous, he did not grab the bottle even by mistake.

In an interview with Billboard magazine, the man from Tijuana assured that he is a very perfectionist, angry and calm man, however, he had to learn to drink so that they would not chamaquear him.

“When Grupo Firme started to have a bit of success, all the people thought that I was very drunk because I appear in the first video of “El amor no fue pa’ mí” with a beer and I go out drinking, throwing it and wasting it everywhere, but the beer belonged to my partner Abraham, the one with the second voice, I didn’t drink anything,” he assured.

After beginning to be successful, in the shows they offered him alcohol, which led him to think carefully if it was necessary to learn to drink.

“I would get drunk in 20 minutes, I was already very drunk, so I had to learn to drink and now I really drink and now they can’t stop me,” he added.

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