Edy Smol Who is this controversial “fashion guru” of the LGBT community?

Edy Smol is a foul-mouthed fashion critic, known mainly for his participation as a host in the famous program “Cuídate de la Cámara” on the television network E! Entertainment Television.

His real name is Edgar Smolensky and he is a veteran in the field of fashion. A lover of catwalks, witty, funny and very opportune is our beloved Edy, a character who knows how to entertain, not only because of his spontaneous personality, but also because of the touch of freshness that he gives with his eccentric outfits.

From a very young age, Edgar presented a rebellious personality, in fact he defines himself as a “disruptive” boy, because he never puts limits on his wonderful creativity.

Eddy Smol’s family

edy smol

edy smol

The controversial Edy Smol had the fortune to grow up with a family that was willing to support him in every dream and decision he made, in addition, his parents had him very young, which allowed them to have a lot of closeness and a pretty cool relationship..

As a boy he was quite normal, but what was striking was that he lived drawing, painting and designing. He loved to dress in his own style, without stereotypes or schemes to follow, in fact, he insisted a lot on his mother to allow her to choose his own clothes; Over the years, his interest in the world of fashion increased.

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A great fashion personality

His first job was when he was 8 years old, in a warehouse, where he loaded boxes after a while he went to the counter serving customers. When the time came to pursue university studies, he went into the field of marketing and graduated as a marketer at the New World University, specializing in advertising and mass markets, but he declares himself a lover of the artistic world in general.

It is known that since he was studying and during practically his entire university career, he dedicated himself to being a “retail” consultant and gave advice to international stores and brands, which is why Edgar Smol considers that things have been given to him “by accident”.

When he was around 19 years old, a very big ‘retail’ company in Mexico asked him to work with them, so he started consulting while still in his marketing career.

His greatest achievement has been his participation as host of the program “Take care of the camera”, where Edy gives his point of view along with other experts on the outfits of celebrities and this with the company of a celebrity in each episode.

It is part of this television project from 2011 to the present, with more than 12 seasons on the air. They have followers from Morocco, Germany, Panama, Bolivia and Argentina and many other countries in the world. In addition, it has been broadcast on Canal Sony, E! Entertainment Television and Telemundo. He was also a contributor to the Estilo DF program.

It should be noted that Edy Smol has deserved the title of “Fashion Guru”, and he loves being an adviser to always contribute positively to anyone who wants his advice.

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