Eevon in a fascinating Shogun Raiden cosplay from Genshin Impact

The cosplayer community has great affection for the characters that appear in our favorite video games, and that is, some titles like Genshin Impact have a truly unique cast of playable characters, so various artists and models from all over the world come together. to the task of making amazing characterizations.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the popular Genshin Impact video game is the theme chosen for today, and that is that the female character of the Shogun Raiden takes a leading role in a perfect cosplay that allows us to see how it is what Archon Electro would wear in real life.

Best of all, one of the most talented cosplayers has managed to perfectly recreate the appearance of this Archon, by this we mean the character of Baal, who makes the leap to real life thanks to an amazing characterization by the hand of the beautiful Eevon, also known as eevon_cosplayer on his official Instagram account.

The talented model has recreated a truly electrifying Shogun Raiden cosplay from Genshin Impact. Within the lore of the video game, the Shogun Raiden is the embodiment of Baal, the Archon that represents the Electro element that watches over Inazuma, also known as the Goddess of Eternity.

She is an extremely important character in the narrative arc of the Inazuma archipelago and when she starred in her banner, video game fans went crazy to have her, since she is truly powerful with the Reign of Serenity banner.

Eevon’s Shogun Raiden cosplay is decidedly well done, starting with the very faithful kimono to that of the virtual counterpart, as well as the long hair and purple eyes. We should mention that we are also presented with a pose that is particularly suitable and mimics perfectly.

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