Eevon makes us fall in love with her cosplay of the succubus Rizu from My Dress-Up Darling

My Dress-Up Darling, is a popular anime that was one of the surprises of the last few months, with the first season of the anime gaining millions of viewers. Considering the topics covered, it’s no surprise that the work has gained a lot of popularity among the cosplay community.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that various artists and models from around the world have delved into the characterizations of Marin Kitagawa, the protagonist of the My Dress-Up Darling anime, and today we will be able to see one of these, in her version of the succubus Rizu, which was made by the beautiful model Eevon.

Eevon, also known as eevon_cosplayer, on her official Instagram account, offers us an amazing cosplay of the female character of Marin Kitagawa in the version of the succubus Rizu-kyun. My Dress-Up Darling tells about the passion for cosplay, from the point of view of Marin, an aspiring cosplayer with a cheerful disposition, and Gojō, an introverted boy, but extremely skilled with a needle and thread.

By joining forces, Marin manages to make her dream come true, and over the course of Season 1, we saw her play various fictional characters. Among these is also Rizu-kyun, a succubus from the Slice of Life manga, who makes the leap to real life in this characterization by eevon_cosplayer, and who will surely leave more than one with their mouths open, especially for showing off the seductive silhouette of the model.

Eevon has amazed us with the creation of “a cosplay in cosplay”, playing Marin in the role of Rizu. Not only has the costume been faithfully reproduced in every detail, but, as you can see in the Instagram post, the model has also reinterpreted some of the poses that the anime’s protagonist takes for her photo shoot.

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