El Adjwaa TV’s “inappropriate scene” brings down the manager

The case of the Algerian television channel El Adjwaa still does not seem to be closed. After administrative sanctions, place to judicial sanctions.

Indeed, the investigating judge at the Sidi M’hamed court in Algiers ordered the provisional detention of the editor-in-chief of the El Adjwaa TV channel.

The Sidi M’hamed court did not stop there. He also placed a journalist and coordinator at El Adjwaa under judicial supervision. Other TV channel employees should also be auditioned in the coming hours to shed light on the “slippage” of the television media.

What is the reason for the closure of El Adjwaa TV?

It should be recalled that the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority (ARAV) decided last Tuesday to close “immediately and definitively” the Al Adjwaa TV channel. The reason: Dissemination of “immoral scenes“.

“Starting from the missions and prerogatives assigned to the Audiovisual Regulatory Authority in terms of regulation and control of the audiovisual scene, and on the basis of what the law relating to the activity of the sector confers on it, the ARAV noted violations of professional ethics by the El Adjwaa TV channel; linked mainly to the non-respect of the specificities of Algerian society, as well as attacks on public morals, through the dissemination of content of an immoral nature and licentious scenes contrary to societal values”, reads the press release of the ARAV.

“Anxious to impose compliance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic and the regulations in force, the ARAV has decided to immediately and definitively close the El Adjwaa TV channel, as of the date of publication of this press release, and asks the authorities concerned to implement this decision,” said the same source.

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