El Agustino: They accuse PNP lieutenant of stabbing recycler in family lawsuit

The recycler Guillermo Matías Chávez Rodríguez (47) is in serious condition when he was attacked with a knife in various parts of his body and on the neck by a police lieutenant, according to his brothers, in The Augustinian.

The lawsuit began at a birthday party for Milagros Ramos, in the human settlement María Herrera de Acosta. Suddenly an argument arose with her husband Jose Luis Chavez, and together they left the party fighting. Guillermo Matías Chávez, who did not participate in the party, and was at the door of his house, went behind his brother to prevent an attack, and ended up being attacked by several relatives of the female, including the police nephew César Rivera Ramos, who armed with a knife It attacked him in various parts of the body and then cut his neck. The wounded man was transferred by a district serenade unit to the Dos de Mayo hospital.

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The recycler Guillermo Matías Chávez Rodríguez (47) was seriously injured when he was attacked with a knife in various parts of his body and in the neck by a police lieutenant, according to his brothers. (photo: Mónica Rochabrum / Trome)

“Her relatives (Milagros Ramos) attacked my brother and his police nephew cut his neck and attacked his body. The assailant escaped. He is a policeman who works at the San Andrés police station. The whole attack was in front of my brother José Luis, who never tried to avoid the fierce attack ”, said Miguel Angel Chavez, younger brother of the injured worker.

He and his sisters have come to the Santoyo police station to denounce the cowardly attack of the young policeman. “We have been told at the police station that this policeman is on vacation, but we know that he is working. We ask the authorities to catch him and be punished with the full weight of the law, ”said Miguel Chávez.

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They grab the nephew of destroyer ‘Smurf’

In the same sector where his uncle Tito Uscuvilca Patiño ‘smurf’, who in the 90s was head of the dangerous band ‘Los Destructores, works as security, his nephew William Jefferson Palomino Uscuvilca (39),’ piky ‘ , was intervened for robbing with the racket modality on a bicycle, in El Agustino.

“The subject ‘Spades’ he traveled on a bicycle in search of victims. With his accomplice they assaulted a armed hand. His movements were recorded by the video surveillance cameras of the municipality and he was caught in the Independent sector. His relatives tried to rescue him and confronted the police from the San Cayetano police station and serene from El Agustino. I had a revolver, ”he said. reported the Major PNP Víctor Astete, commissioner of the San Cayetano delegation.

The police are looking for the accomplice who managed to flee. The intervened was intervened in March 2020 in your home for illegal possession of weapons. Two weapons were found.

“The district surveillance cameras captured the armed robbery and the supervisors notified the police. Shortly after, the same subject was located again, nicknamed ‘spades’ in the sector Independent, and was intervened. The relatives attacked the serenazgo unit, to try to free him ”, held the Manager of Citizen Security of the municipality of El Agustino, José Luis Albarrán.

As you remember, your uncle Tito Uscuvilca Patiño, aka ‘Smurf’, was the leader of the dangerous gang of thugs ‘The destroyers’, who were engaged in the late 1980s and 1990s committing armed robberies of Bank entities. Was imprisoned 30 years in different prisons. Even from one of them, he escaped and was recaptured a year and a half later. Currently works for him municipality of El Agustino, precisely taking care of the Independiente area, the place where his nephew was arrested.

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