EL DIA in Brazil.- Passion without borders: Pincha fans on their way to Curitiba

Students will have a tough stop in the Copa Libertadores, since this Thursday they will visit Athletico Paranaense at 9:30 p.m. for the first leg of the quarterfinals. Given this, with the squad on Brazilian soil and with all the illusion in tow, the fans took over Brazil to follow Ricardo Zielinski’s team.

Several fans packed their bags and decided to go to Brazilian lands to be present at the Arena da Baixada stadium, which has synthetic grass and a capacity of 42,372 people.

In cars, buses and even by plane, the fans traveled with great expectation along with their friends and relatives, for another Copa night. They also portrayed their experiences and shared them with El Día.

match tickets

How much do they come out?

The authorities of Atlético Paranaense have arranged that the cost of the tickets will be of two different values:

R$300.00 (general admission)

R$150.00. Available for people over 60 years old (must present identification at the time of purchase) and people with special needs and a companion.

Where to buy them?

– Website https://ingressos.athletico.com.br from 10:00 a.m. on Monday, August 1, until halftime (depending on availability)

– Visitor ticket office at the Arena da Baixada Stadium (Rua Petit Carneiro) on Monday, August 1, Tuesday, August 2, and Wednesday, August 3, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. There will be no ticket office on game day.

What is the benefit?

Students reported that they have decided to “adopt a compensation measure for the Members who accompany the team in Brazil. It consists of a 100% discount on the next 3 social fees.”

The step by step to buy it online

– Access the website https://ingressos.athletico.com.br

– Select the event “Athletico x Estudiantes”

– Click buy

– Select “TORCIDA VISITOR ACCESS” and register

– Select the location and follow the instructions to make the payment

– After payment is made, the ticket will be generated on the website. No change for physical ticket (paper)

Matías Geber and Elias Melkun present in Brazil.

Pinchas de Ensenada with their flag.

The Albirrojos colors in the middle of the route.

A family present to encourage Pincha.

Flia Gamondi, traveled from General Belgrano

A fan was photographed in the middle of the stadium.

A family posing in the middle of the landscape.

Friends united by colors.

Pablo and Uma Baraybar in Curitiba.

Sebastian Ajamil, Roco Stiglitz, Martin Dulo Dumm, Martin Bolpe and Carlos Ajamil

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