El ‘Gato’ reformulates blackmail complaint against Melissa: “I suffer and I am terrified that she is capable of saying an aberration like that”

Rodrigo Cuba reformulated the complaint filed against Melissa Paredes Several weeks ago for blackmail and extortion, after the actress called him at dawn to complain about an alleged attack on his four-year-old daughter.

According to love and firethe footballer modified his accusation and now denounces his ex-wife for psychological violence. “On June 13At 1:05 in the morning I received a call from Mrs. Paredes to says the document released by Rodrigo González’s program.

In the complaint, the ‘Gato’ Cuba claimed to have felt very affected by the alleged accusation of the former America Hoy host. “Ale Venturo’s boyfriend limited.

Rodrigo González’s program gave details of the psychological report of the Public Ministry, the same one that was carried out on the daughter of Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba after the scandal over her mother’s accusations against her father.

The specialists asked the girl who she likes to be with the most and she answered that in the first place with her paternal grandmother, in second place with her mother and in third place with her father, the Cuba Cat. In addition, she assures that her two parents “are good” and that she “plays and does homework” with Rodrigo and with her mother “plays and watches television.”

Melissa Paredes She was consulted by Amor y Fuego about her terrible situation and she refused to answer because, supposedly, justice has forbidden her. “Sorry but I can’t talk, I’m forbidden to talk”, He answered the Peluchín reporter.

On the other hand, the program also tried to talk to the mother of the actress. Celia Rodriguez, who assured that the time to pronounce will come. “I would love to answer you and you don’t know how or how much, but I can’t for the sake of my granddaughter, I can’t. I would love to, there will be a time, don’t worry “, answered.

Melissa Paredes filed a complaint against the mother of the ‘Cat’ Cuba, Ysmena Piedra Calderón, because she has not been able to communicate with her youngest daughter for 13 days after the Family Court determined that she should stay with her grandmother.

“Denounce the minor’s grandmother and former mother-in-law, Ysmena Piedra Calderón, for psychological violence against her youngest daughter (…) Since July 19 (13 days) she has not let her youngest daughter know or communicate (…) Isolating her from the mother, psychologically affecting both her and her youngest daughter”indicates the complaint, as read by Rodrigo González.

In the complaint, Melissa Paredes She stated that her little girl has been totally isolated from her maternal family and stressed that the court order does not prevent her from maintaining a telephone communication, but that she has not been able to speak with her daughter.

Amor y Fuego revealed some details of the Public Ministry report on the daughter of Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba. Niña says that she prefers to be with her grandmother, although she assures that her parents are ‘good’.

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