El Matador recognized the importance of Colo Colo in the first division

The years will pass and the game for the permanence disputed between Colo Colo and Universidad de Concepción will continue to bring to light anecdotes and different stories among the fans of the popular cast as in the soccer fans. Eight months after said match, Marcelo Salas placeholder image He confessed the importance he gave to that meeting.

“I experienced it from two points of view. First, as a soccer player, it would do Chilean soccer very badly if a team like Colo Colo, U or Católica descends. They are important clubs that help you to lift, despite the fact that they they have a monopoly in terms of people, contracts, money and everything else. But ultimately they are the teams that give life to our football “El Matador recognized the Tribuna Andes magazine.

The current president of Deportes Temuco is one of the historical idols of the Cacique’s archrival, Universidad de Chile, so the party could have had a special seasoning. However, he always looked at the encounter with respect and explained that, “As a fan, I do not laugh at those things, but I would have given the same. It descended, descended. I would not have made fun of that either”, added.

To later confess that from his leadership role the decline of the most popular cast in the country was not convenient since it would add a direct rival in his struggle to leave the category and economically the differences would increase.

“As a manager he was very bad. Because if Coquimbo and Iquique had already dropped, and if Colo Colo went down, we have one more year in the ascent. Without VAR, without the resources that Colo Colo has, it would be difficult to have that quota, for what are we going to be with things “Salas finished.

The meeting between Colo Colo and Universidad de Concepción is still being discussed.

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