El Pincha could not cut the losing streak against Florencio Varela’s men

But he anticipates Tripicchio

The history of clashes between Students and Defense and Justice is not very great, what’s more, last night they staged the tenth crossover in their history, which for now continues to be favorable for the cast of Florencio Varela.

And the Pincha at least, last night could not cut the negative streak that charges facing Varela’s team that deepens more and more.

It is that with last night’s game there are already 7 games that the white and red can not beat Defense, but also those of Varela won the last 4 matches consecutively, and coincidentally winning by the same result: 2-1.

In this way, Defense and Justice has become a true “karma” for Students, who cannot even tie it.

To go to the last triumph of Estudiantes, you have to go back to the 2016 Transition Tournament, when in times of Nelson Alive as coach of Pincha, they defeated Halcón 2-1 with goals from the striker Lucas Viatri and the steering wheel Augusto Solari. Later, the student harvest was very poor against Varela’s team.

It is worth adding that the scene of that meeting was the Ciudad de La Plata “Diego Armando Maradona” Stadium.


Until the match played last night in our city, this is the detail of the 9 games played between the León and the Falcon:

– Transition 2014: 0-0 (L).

– First 2015: 1-0 (F). Goal: Carrillo.

– 2016 transition: 2-1 (L). Goals: Viatri and Solari.

– First 2016/17: 1-2(L). Goal: Viatri.

– Super League 2017/18: 0-1 (L).

– Super League 2018/19: 1-1(F). Goal: Noguera.

– Super League Cup 2019/20: 1-2(L). Goal: Retegui.

– Super League Cup 2020: 1-2 (V). Goal: Di Pizio.

– Professional League 2021: 1-2 (V). Goal: Del Prete.

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