El Vicho Pizarro values ​​his father’s support

Vicente Pizarro must be the youth of Colo Colo who has surprised the most in this 2021 season. El Vicho managed to convince Gustavo Quinteros to have a place in the first team and when he entered to be a starter, he never let go of that shirt again.

Today, Tuesday, the young midfielder made his debut in front of the microphones at a press conference, where he had time to assess the work of Jaime Pizarro, his father, in this professional start in the world of football.

“My dad will always be there, I take it easy. He has accompanied me throughout this process, he has helped me. For me it is super important. Also, I try to learn from all my colleagues “, affirmed the young Vicente Pizarro.

In that sense the flyer added that “He has been in all this process and now I have just started my career. He has accompanied me at all times, in good times and bad, he has always accompanied me. I am focused on being able to learn ”.

“The games help me to grow and my teammates also. I always rescue the best of each one of them to continue adding experience on the court “, Pizarro concluded.

Vicho is the number placed in Gustavo Quinteros’ team for tomorrow against the Spanish Union, especially considering the rule of the juveniles who must say present in the eleventh. El Cacique have a significant advantage on their way to the Copa Chile final, as they thrashed 4-0 in the first leg.

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