Elden Ring legend Let Me Solo Here celebrates its thousandth Malenia match with livestream

Shortly after Elden Ring was launched, the game got its first real legend: Let Me Solo Here. At first, words began to swirl Reddit about a very whimsical guy who had helped several through the match with what is considered to be among the game’s most difficult boss fights – Malenia.

Let Me Solo Here has inspired fan art.

Asphodelophiliac, Reddit

Calling for help from random players is a common mechanic in the Elden Ring. The interesting thing was that Let Me Solo Here – as the name suggests – insisted on whipping Malenia alone, without help from the player who has called on him. In addition, his iconic appearance has burned into the retina of those he has met – an almost naked guy with a jar on his head, and two samurai swords.

The rumor about the distinctive super player became so great that he has become one of them interviewed in the mediaas well as being added as a modification in the Elden Ring.

Celebrating its thousandth felling

In the last couple of months, the player has completed several hundred Malenia matches, and at midnight on May 11, Let Me Solo Here will livestream match number 1000. You can watch the basketball on YouTube at 00:00.

Let Me Solo Here is ready to compete.

KleinTsuboiOW, Reddit

However, the milestone should not be the end of the visa for the legend of Let Me Solo Here, but the super player hopes that the game is expanded so that he can find a new goal in the long run.

– I really hope that there will be some downloadable content soon. I’m looking forward to seeing what Mr. Miyazaki (the game’s director, journ.anm) carves together this time. In Dark Souls 3, I was captivated by someone I called the solo darkeater Midir for me, and I wanted to be like him one day, and here we are. I hope I love the next DLC boss enough to learn the moves I have with Malenia, the player writes Reddit.

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Great gaming experience

Elden Ring has become one of the biggest gaming experiences in 2022, with stomps from reviewers and players, and very good sales figures.

Our own Andreas Bjørnbekk had very little to criticize the game for, and gave it a top score in his review.

– I have experienced more aha and wow moments in this game than in anything else of its kind, and it feels so nice to be captivated by the best open world game since The Witcher 3, but with the brutality, mystery and freedom in fighting style, stories and travel that Elden Ring offers. Elden Ring simply appears as an incomparable mix of Dark Souls, Shadow of the Colossus and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and it should make most ears prick, he wrote about the game.

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