Elden Ring on the Super Nintendo: discover this stunning demake! (video)

A demake of Elden Ring has been concocted by the videographers of the YouTube channel 64 Bits. So here’s what FromSoftware’s latest title would look like… on the SNES.

Image 1: Elden Ring on the Super Nintendo: discover this stunning demake!  (video)
Elden Ring on the SNES – Credit: 64 Bits / YouTube

A demake aims to recreate a video game in the style of a classic console. Thanks to the hard work of developers, some can be playable like this demake of Mass Effect on Game Boy Advance. Others are simply animated videos. In both cases, the demakes have the ability to play on the nostalgic chord of retrogaming enthusiasts.

The 64 Bits YouTube channel already has a good number of demakes to its credit (God of War on PS1, Monster Hunter on Game Boy Colo). This time, the videographers tackled Elden Ring by transforming it into the 16-bit sauce of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System aka the SNES now outpaced by the Switch in terms of sales. To make us take a big leap into the past while hanging on to the present, the title of FromSoftware having been released recently.

Elden Ring reimagined to match the SNES

The presentation video opens with a breathtaking view of the Erdtree before gradually revealing several key areas and protagonists of the game. of the stars. Other strong bosses are also in the game like Godrick, Malenia and Astel who gave players a lot of trouble. Other well-felt references (“Praise the dog!” ») have been incorporated, look at:

The video features a map of the Entre-Terre way Legend of Zelda, the player having to cross it to reach a new level. The creators specify in the description that they were inspired “of the best SNES RPGs like Secret of Mana, Terranigma and Final Fantasy 6”. We just regret that this Elden Ring 16 bit is not playable as it looks entertaining. You can instead fall back on the demake of Bloodborne PS1 version.

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