Elden Ring: this mod drastically improves game performance by removing the giant tree

No more World Trees, no more problems. On PC, NexusMods offers the Remove Erd Tree mod which simply allows you to remove the giant tree from the game. A simple and effective way to gain several tens of images per second, especially if you play on a small configuration.

More Abre-Monde, more problems © FromSoftware
More Abre-Monde, more problems © FromSoftware

Basically, Elden Ring centers its story around people’s differing beliefs about a large golden tree. Some say it is the grace of God made manifest, while others think he has an unnatural hold on their mortality and should be usurped from his power. K4richard, a church follower of NexusMods, thinks the tree sucks their framerate a bit too much, so he got rid of it.

A surprising mod that improves performance

Remove Erd Tree (FPS BOOST) is a mod for Elden Ring developed by K4richard who remove the centerpiece FromSoftware’s sprawling action-RPG. The concept is very simple since it purely and simply removes the tree from the game, the World Tree (Erdtree in English).

The World Tree is a gargantuan luminous tree located in Leyndell. Symbol of the Golden Order, it draws its power directly from the Elden Ring and. The World Tree dominates the mountains and hills of the Underworld and can be seen from almost anywhere. As a physical representation of the Elden Ring, the tree can change color or shape depending on factors that affect the ring.

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The closer I got to the World Tree, the more performance issues the game had “said K4richard to our colleagues from gaming pc, which plays on an Nvidia GeForce GT 1030. Hence the idea for him to develop a mod that removes it, purely and simply. ” This mod practically reduced the graphics card requirements for the game he says. He says he won on average more than 15 frames per second. On our side, we saw an increase of 10 frames per second on average on an RTX 3080 and a Ryzen 3600X.

To install the mod you need to have Mod Engine 2 to Elden Ring which is available for free on GitHub. You can then take the file from K4richard, drop it into the mods folder in the Mod Engine 2 directory, and load the game with the custom offline mod launcher. Don’t look too closely though: a few branches remain suspended in the skyan error that k4richard plans to fix in a future update.

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