Elden Ring: Tips for the Millicent Quest – so you reverse one of the ends

Complete the Millicents quest line in Elden Ring to get Miquella’s needle: We provide you with tips for the tasks relating to the NPC lady, which is also initially related to the NPC Gowry near the town of Sellia in Caelid. To find Gowry’s hut, head down the main street in Caelid past the telescope. Simply follow the path with Stormwind to later pass the gate to Sellia (note the giant at the top right). On the right behind a larger dog you will find Gowry’s hut. Talk to the Elden Ring character and start the extensive quest line. The journey takes you to the final areas of the Elden Ring. So you should allow some time to reach, for example, the Halig tree in Elden Ring. We generally recommend our bulging Elden Ring tips section to you. Here you will find not only lots of quest lines, but also tips on the different ends of the game and a travel guide that will make it easier for you to get started.

Elden Ring – Millicent and Gowry’s Questline

We’ll tell you how to start and complete the quest from Gowry and Millicent. One of the endings of this questline is important to undo an ending that might have accidentally been triggered.

  • Speak to Gowry at his hut south of the town of Sellia. He entrusts you with a quest to help a young girl named Millicent. But first you should find a gold needle in the heart of the rot.
  • For this you go to the swamp of Aeonia, to the center of the rot and defeat the local boss Commander O’Neill. In return, Gowry would like to tell you the secret of the city of Sellia. Attention: In the fight against Commander O’Neill, Millicent can spawn as a red phantom. Don’t be afraid to take out the phantom.
  • Then bring the gold needle back to Gowry and have him repair it. (Reload the world afterwards to get the repaired needle).
  • Now take the needle to the Church of the Plague and give it to Millicent.
  • Help her and exhaust her dialogue to get a talisman from her. If you now reload the world, Millicent moves to Gowry’s hut.
  • Talk to Millicent here and exhaust her dialogue here as well. Reload the game again and Gowry will now appear as a trader.
  • Millicent, meanwhile, moves on to the Altus Plateau near the Grace “Earth Tree Overlook Hill, north of the Ruins of Lux.
  • The female Elden Ring NPC entrusts you with finding a prosthetic arm. Head north into the Shadow Castle and kill the Scarlet Blight Knight in the far north-west corner of the estate. Then you enter the small room and take the prosthesis from the chest.
  • Bring the item to Millicent and exhaust her dialogue.
  • Next you go to Dominula, the windmill village. Here you defeat the boss at the top of Windmill Hill.
  • Once you’ve defeated the boss, after restarting the game world, she’ll be near the mercy of Windmill Hill. Exhausts their dialogue there.
  • For the next encounter with the lady you play Elden Ring (buy now /€50.99 ) to the peak of the giants. Millicent is waiting for you at the mercy of Ruins of Primeval Snow. Talk to her there until the dialogue is exhausted.
  • Once again, you continue to play through the Elden Ring storyline until you gain access to the Halig Tree.
  • At the grace prayer room you will find Millicent, whose dialogue you again exhaust.
  • Now you defeat a mini boss near the mercy of the sewers. To do this, head north from the prayer room along the wall. Here you come to a place where an earth tree avatar guards a passage. Behind it you will find Grace Elphael Inner Wall. From here you take the passage to the south and then keep to the right. An exit will take you inside the Haligbaum. You cross a small lake of rot here. At the end you reach the mercy of the sewer on your left. Turn around here and go back to the inner area. Now keep to the right and cross the branches to the opposite side. In the small lake you will find a tree spirit as a mini boss that you defeat.
  • After that, reload your world and find two callsigns on the ground. If you use the golden call sign (recommended), you will help Millicent against 4 NPC invaders who call themselves Millicent’s sisters.
  • After the successful fight you will find Millicent sitting near the lake. She will give you back the Gold Pin and the Rotting Winged Sword Insignia talisman.
  • After the boss fight against Malenia, use the Pure Gold Needle on the flower in Malenia’s boss area. You’ll get Miquella’s Needle, which you can use to undo the end of the Raging Flame.
  • Meanwhile, if you use the red callsign at the lake after the tree spirit fight, challenge Millicent and then receive the talisman Millicent’s Prosthesis, but not the Pure Gold Needle.
  • It doesn’t matter whether it’s a gold or red callsign, after Millicent’s questline you return to Gowry’s hut and talk to him about Millicent.

Miquella’s needle would be important if you followed Hyetta’s quest and accidentally triggered the ending Lord of the Raging Flame. The end is one of the three final sequences to collect the trophy or achievement, but you can only undo it with Miquella’s needle.

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