Elden Ring’s naked hero will beat the worst boss for the 1000th time

True legend of the Elden Ring community, Let Me Solo Her is about to cross the bar of 1000 victories against Malenia, a nightmare for players and players.

A few weeks ago, fans ofElden Ring discovered the existence of Let Me Solo Her, a funny fanatic who does not go unnoticed with his outfit consisting of underpants and a pot placed on his head. He’s actually a legend, who masters the game’s toughest fight like no one else and lends a helping hand to those who can’t. A real nightmare for everyone, Malenia is about to be beaten for the 1,000 times by Let Me Solo Her, indicates gaming pc in an article published on May 8.

The interested party obviously makes this course an event, since he will broadcast the face-to-face live on his YouTube channel. If you are interested, he gave an appointment to the players this Tuesday, May 10, at midnight. If the schedule is too late for your pace of life, you can always watch the hero at work in replay.

Let Me Solo Her in Elden Ring // Source: Reddit/Let Me Solo Her
Let Me Solo Her in Elden Ring // Source: Reddit/Let Me Solo Her

The hero of Elden Ring has been busy

This symbolic bar of 1,000 successes proves that Let Me Solo Her has not been idle since it became popular. Myth for loversElden Ring, he fascinates the crowds with his certain talent and, above all, his ability to have suffered so many failures before mastering a confrontation to perfection. This resilience is at the origin of memes, even small, very successful physical creations. In a tweet published on May 8, Let Me Solo Her is delighted, for example, to have received a figurine bearing his likeness. ” Let Met Solo Her, the legend, thanks me for being an amazing member of the community the sender replied.

How far will Let Me Solo Her stop? A priori, he will continue to help others for a long time. On Reddithe shares his hope that FromSoftware will come up with a set filled with tech bosses — as was the case for Dark Souls III. He explains : ” I hope to enjoy a DLC boss enough to learn its moves, like I did for Malenia. »

Note, moreover, that he is a player of Dark Souls III which made him want to become Let Me Solo Her. He admits: At the time of Dark Souls III, I was fascinated by an invocation that killed Midir for me and I wanted to be like him one day. And here we are. The famous Midir in question is a huge dragon that appears in the second DLC of Dark Souls III. This is purely optional combat and considered one of the toughest FromSoftware has ever devised — in any game. Personally, I beat Malenia (without the help of Let Me Solo her) but I never defeated Midir.

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