Election 2022 Kungsör: What is your most important local election issue?

Among the royal listeners that SVT spoke to, youth issues and care for the elderly are highlighted as important issues ahead of the autumn elections.

– Focus on young people to get rid of crime and drugs from society, says Pierre Bergquist Salomonson.

The most recent term of office The Social Democrats have ruled in the minority, with a cooperation agreement with the Liberals and the Left Party. Depending on the outcome, it is currently unclear whether a similar collaboration may become relevant after the autumn elections.

In the clip, more royal listeners tell what they think are the most important issues ahead of this autumn’s municipal elections.

Use agricultural land to build housing – a hot choice issue

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Housing on agricultural land? SVT’s reporter Fredrik Björkholm summarizes the term of office in Kungsör – and looks ahead. Photo: Fredrik Björkholm / SVT

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