Elections in Colombia: Gustavo Petro, the candidate who could lead the left to the Government

The citizens of Colombia are called to the polls today to choose who will be their next president, in a ballot that pits the independent populist Rodolfo Hernández against the progressive Gustavo Petro. The first results will be known shortly after the elections close, but until then, none is seen as a clear winner.

Yes Gustavo Petro were to succeed at the polls, it would be the first time that a progressive coalition reaches the Colombian Executive in its entire history. The proposals of the candidate of the Historical Pact front are committed to reforming the South American country to make it more socially just.

Gustavo Petro, who has already received the support of other leftist leaders in the region, such as former Uruguayan President José Pepe Mujica.

One of the emblems of the program Gustavo Petroa 62-year-old economist, is the creation of the National Care System from which it seeks to recognize and reward the care tasks carried out by women.

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