Elections in Colombia: US Senator Threatens to Withdraw Aid if Petro Wins

For this Sunday will be held the Elections in Colombiawhere they will seek to elect the President of the nation, after Gustavo Petro Y Rodolfo Hernandez sent to a second round, and now there are foreign voices that threaten to end relations with USA in case the candidate on the left wins.

He was the United States Senator, Rick Scottoriginally from Illinois, who mentioned that if Petro were to win, he would advocate withdrawing economic support from a “socialist” country, also mentioned the past as a guerrilla of the candidate who leads several of the polls.

“That’s what socialist governments do, they take property, they violate property rights, they affect the meaning of the law and the US will not support a country that does that kind of thing,” the senator said.

Scott is a Senator from the state of Illinois

Likewise, he was annoyed and threatening, saying that commercial ties between the two countries could be conditioned, cutting off any support for the country in case the results favor a candidate that he does not like.

Who are the candidates for the Elections in Colombia?

Ptro and Hernández represent two different ideas

After the first round of ballots, only two candidates remained, both representatives of the right and left in national politics, being Rodolfo Hernández, one of them, who recently faced controversy over a video on a yacht in Miami, as we show you in The Truth News.

On the other side is Gustavo Petro, a leftist candidate who received the most votes in the first round, although he has the drawback of having been part of the Colombian guerrillas during the last century, something that several voters do not forgive him for.

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This is how the polls of the Elections in Colombia go

Both candidates have similar numbers

In Colombia, several previous polls have already been carried out to evaluate the intention of voting towards the remaining candidates, and although in the majority Petro is shown with a solid base of voters of more than 40 points, in other cases Rodolfo Hernández is given technical victory or draw.

However, so far there is no certainty in the results of the Elections in Colombia, since the undecided votes are the ones that could define this moderate difference that the media point to, in the most conservative accounts.

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