(Electric) bike: hard to get smarter than this lighting system

The German company Trelock has developed a lighting system for bicycles capable of displaying symbols on the ground, either to indicate your intention of direction, or to warn you of wet or icy ground, for example.

Source: Trelock via eBike News

Are our lighting systems for mechanical bicycles and electric bicycles going to become intelligent? In any case, this is what Trelock seems to be heading towards. This firm from across the Rhine has been working for more than a century in this field and accessories for cycles, with a know-how that is now proven.

One of these latest innovations relayed by eBike News is based on a lighting system like no other, the aim of which is to improve user safety. The idea is simple: its technology would logically fulfill its primary function, namely lighting the road after dark.

Directive arrows

Secondly, it would also be able to display indicative pictograms directly on the road. For example, if the road surface is wet or frozen, the system would indicate this via “rain” or “snow” patterns. This would be based in the idea on a sufficiently advanced technology for the bike to understand the state of the road in a very short instant.

always according to eBike News, this smart light can also project directional arrows. Nothing says if the user must himself press a button to activate this function or if the system, via a pre-recorded GPS route, can itself anticipate a turn and guide the cyclist without his intervention.

imminent danger

Trelock goes even further and also seeks to understand and spot imminent dangers, such as a suddenly opened car door. And so you avoid a car dooring extremely dangerous, which may be more difficult to avoid in the middle of the night. Because yes, it is also one of the limits of this lighting system.

Logically, all of the features presented only make sense in a nocturnal environment, in order to rely on the ambient darkness. At the moment, this project is still in the development stage. No time indication as to the commercial calendar has been communicated.

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