Electric car: Mercedes USA announces service lookup in the subscription

Mercedes USA announces a new feature for its electric cars that will provide more power and acceleration for a subscription. On the MBUSA website you can find the upcoming feature under “Acceleration Increase”. The offer is aimed at owners of an EQE 350, EQS 450 4Matic or their SUV variants. In the EQE models, the power increases in all driving modes from 215 to 260 kW, in the EQS and EQS SUV models from 265 to 330 kW.

The performance increase for initially 1200 US dollars (corresponding to 1175 euros) in the annual subscription, later probably also for an as yet unknown fixed price, is to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour (approx. 97 km/h) by around 0.8 to Shorten 0.9 seconds. Since the measure only means an intervention in the software, no physical changes to the vehicle are necessary. This makes it easy to import the upgrade “OTA” (Over-the-Air).

The activation of already existing power reserves is part of a new strategy of car manufacturers to generate ongoing income by leasing functions. Upgrades originally found their way into the automotive world through the possibility of bringing control units up to date and being able to update the navigation data over and over again.

Mercedes EQE and EQS should soon get more power in the USA if desired. That should cost 1200 USD per year.

Later, it was also possible to add functions that already exist in the vehicle’s hardware but have not yet been activated. It is now part of the revenue model. For example, heating mats built into the seat surfaces as standard can be used via the Internet, which makes retrofitting seat heating superfluous. Incidentally, German Mercedes customers do not (yet) get access to “Acceleration Increase” or a comparable function from the manufacturer.


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