Electric Lada Niva, from Germany with fury

The mythical Lada Niva it has never won any competition for aesthetics but remains one of the 4 × 4 most loved by off-road enthusiasts. Thanks to the typically Russian reliability and resistance, which still make it a vehicle today much in demand on the second-hand market. Thanks to the German company Elantrie, Lada Niva aficionados have another option besides the usual petrol or diesel: the switch to electricity.

The upcoming emissions regulations they will not leave plenty of room for older vehicles to maneuver unless modified to comply with new laws. Along with the growth of the EV market, the current transition period (energy) sees companies proliferate dedicate to thermal-electrical conversion. We have already seen some examples, both for classic cars and for super sports models of yesteryear.

In this specific case, any owner of a Lada Niva can take his vehicle to Elantrie and “transform” it into EV for only 2.800 Euro. If, on the other hand, we do not have the vehicle at our disposal, the costs go up a lot, since they are close to 20,000 euros. In both cases, the installation of the electric motor and the replacement of the thermal one change almost nothing on an aesthetic level (as you can see from the images). And even the performance is not affected, on the contrary: in the electric version, the total horsepower is 87 against the original 82.

Other specifications released by Elantrie include one socket to connect various accessories and tools that use the normal 220v socket (for cooking, mowing, warming up and so on). The maximum range is instead estimated at about 300 kilometers per charge. As for battery life, they retain 80% functionality even afterwards 450.000 Km following the “correct behaviors” in recharging (such as recharging mainly around 50%).

In general, the German company claims that i management costs of the electric Lada Niva are less than half that of the original version. An estimate calculated based on the cost of gasoline and on the consumption of the original Lada Niva, about 15 liters per 100 km. For sure, given the expense all in all contained, the conversion signed by Elantrie is interesting for those who, in addition to off-road vehicles, also love the environment.

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