Electromobility: Autoclub advocates for e-charging stations at the Bochum parking lot

The ACE Autoclub in Bochum-Langendreer is promoting more charging stations at Park & ​​Ride car parks. He has concrete ideas about this.

The ACE Autoclub Europa is currently using posters to advertise the potential of electromobility and the establishment of charging stations in the Park & ​​Ride car park at the S-Bahn station in Langendreer. The occasion is the European Mobility Week from September 16th to 22nd.

ACE country representative Roger Zwiehoff explains: “The switch to sustainable mobility is the core of the traffic turnaround.” During the mobility week, the local P+R spaces and their equipment with charging stations – which are part of a successful traffic turnaround – should therefore be examined closely be taken.

ACE Bochum does not want any time limits or blocking fees for charging stations

To ensure that P+R areas and other transport hubs remain attractive as e-mobility increases, ACE advocates equipping them with a combination of conventional charging stations and fast chargers. Also, there should be no loading time limit and blocking fee.

For example, users of fully electric vehicles could use the parking time or the waiting time – for example when someone is being picked up – to charge the batteries in their car. Commuters in particular would benefit from this, but also everyone else who parks their car there when using public transport.

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