EleMetals, the metal brawler that will arrive on Nintendo Switch and Xbox in 2022

A new indie game has just been announced to enjoy at friends’ gatherings with EleMetalsan ideal metal brawler for local multiplayer sessions of 2 to 4 people. EleMetals is being developed by Wallride and will be published by Red Deer Games on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles before the year is out.

The gender of brawlers or 2D fighting and platform games is about to receive a new proposal with EleMetals, which has 6 characters inspired by the culture of death metal and a very intense gameplay that gives for epic fights. Choose your fighter and one of the 3 Kingdoms to start fighting with friends or the AI.

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In addition to having an art style, characters and a soundtrack inspired by the death-metal, EleMetals features reactive sound effects created by Fat Bard that elevate the intensity of fights. Your goal will be to kill your friends and not let your soul leave your corpse when you are defeated, with an arcade-like gameplay for 2 to 4 players.

In EleMetal you can move in all directions, float or sprint to destroy enemies. Some surfaces allow you to bounce for better mobility, while others feature traps to take down more distracted players. In total the game will offer 30 levels in its 3 Kingdoms: Ritual Cavern, Shank Pit and Metal Haven.

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No release date for EleMetals has been confirmed at this time, but Red Deer Games promises it will arrive later this year.

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