Elena Carrière defends herself – naked squat against hatred

Elena Carrière (25) has had enough of nasty insults on the Internet.

The daughter of TV star Mathieu Carrière (72) shows herself naked on Instagram with her yoga friend Hannah Hillebrand. She posted comments like, “Go wear something proper, girl!”

Why is Career doing this? You to BILD: “You can’t fight hate with hate. By being open about those people and comments, maybe others will understand how it’s coming across on the other side.”

Elena Carriere with Papa Mathieu

Photo: Agency People Image

Carrière knows where the hate comes from: “It’s actually mostly about topics like body shaming, but in the past it was very often related to things that concern my values. On the Internet, people love to improve, and as soon as you polarize and stand for specific values ​​such as sustainability, feminism, body awareness, the ‘experts’ who know better come from all corners.”

However, the headwind on the Internet bounced off her: “I have to say, overall it doesn’t bother me that much, the ‘hate’ is never so extreme that it really hurts me.”

The former GNTM model also wants to use the campaign to help young people deal better with hate comments.

Carrière: “There are many, especially younger people, who are less self-confident than I am when dealing with what is circulating about them on the internet. I’m probably already a little jaded and I just want to help.

Her hope: “That the positive response will outweigh the negative.”

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