Eliana Pacheco was captured by cameras, but there are still no traces of the young woman from La Plata

Eliana Isabel Pacheco, a 24-year-old girl who was last seen on Sunday afternoon when she was taking a remisse, is intensely wanted in La Plata.

According to relatives, the young woman left her house located at 161 between 49 and 50 around 6:00 p.m. bound for 208 and 52 in a remisse. What is known now is that security cameras from that block confirmed that she arrived at her destination and on the sidewalk she is seen talking to a man who approached her.

Then Eliana walks away on her own. At this time the police are trying to find the woman and identify the man who spoke to her.

The family pointed out that they could never find out if he arrived at the place since an hour and a half later the messages stopped arriving and he did not answer the calls.

The young woman’s mother indicated that her daughter was in a relationship, but that at the moment the man is detained for robbery in Unit No. 26 of Olmos, which is why they do not suspect him at the same time that both have a good relationship .

After the complaint made at the Melchor Romero 14th Police Station, those closest to Eliana began to spread her image through social networks requesting that anyone who sees her or has relevant information about the case contact 911, while for this A march is expected at his house later.

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