Elisabeth Borne will exchange "today and tomorrow" with the presidents of parliamentary groups

Calendar acceleration. While this meeting was to take place next week, the head of government announced that she would meet the group heads of the new Assembly in the coming hours.

She was to receive them next week, but we are witnessing an acceleration of the schedule. Visiting a room dispatching of the French gas network in a national gas control center in Ile-de-France, the Prime Minister held a short press briefing this Thursday afternoon with the Minister for Energy Transition, Agnès Pannier-Runacher.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister announced that her meeting with the group presidents would finally take place “today and tomorrow”. Earlier than the schedule initially announced by the government spokesperson earlier this week.

“I am confident, the political forces and deputies want our country to move forward. For my part, I am at work on very concrete projects, at the same time, there are exchanges with the parliamentary groups to find the way and vote on texts to the Assembly”, developed Elisabeth Borne.

The Head of State met the heads of the opposition for his part on Tuesday and Wednesday.

A speech without bounds

These meetings take place the day after Emmanuel Macron’s speech following the meetings at the Palace. At a time when the Élysée and Matignon are in a bad position in the face of a paralyzing relative majority and oppositions which refuse for the moment to form a coalition.

For eight minutes last night the head of state did not pronounce the name of his head of government. A lack of confidence of the Elysian head towards its main member? “I reassure you, I do not interpret it like that!”, replied with a smile the Prime Minister.

Tariff shield extended

Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne also confirmed that the tariff shield would be “extended until the end of the year” with regard to gas prices.

In a desire to “reassure the French”, the latter recalled that via this device, “the state pays the difference with the market prices which have increased.”

With regard to gas supply, Elisabeth Borne added that France “ensures the maximum filling of (its) storage capacities” with the objective of reaching 100% before the fall. In addition, the construction of a new LNG terminal is in place.

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