Elisabeth Höglund’s horror day – robbed in the holiday paradise: "Must patch my soul"

Elisabet Höglund

Elisabet Höglund was robbed at the popular holiday resort.

Elisabet Höglund’s horror day at the popular holiday resort.

Elisabet Höglund is a well-known person in the Swedish media and has several strings on her lyre. She is, among other things, a journalist, author and presenter.

But now she has encountered something terrible. On his blog she describes the dramatic event.

Elisabet Höglund

Elisabet Höglund had a nightmare day in Spain.

In early May, she was on a sun holiday in Estepona, Spain where she has an apartment. And it was when she was going to visit some Swedish friends that the drama took place.

When Elisabet and her friend were visiting their friends for dinner, a mysterious man appeared, just as they got out of the car. The man began to ask Elisabet a lot of incoherent questions and made Elisabet step a few meters from her car.

Then everything went very fast.

Elisabet was robbed of belongings

Elisabet perceived that another man was approaching the car. After a while she managed to get the men away but it was in that moment that she realized: the men had cheated on her and then stolen her belongings from the car.

Elisabet’s handbag was stolen where there were several important belongings. Including passports, ATM cards and keys. The incident was reported to the police immediately.

The robbery took a heavy toll on Elisabet.

“In the coming days, a heavy job remains for me to patch up the new wounds in my soul and also make sure we can travel home safely”she writes on her blog.

Now she warns others

She also took the opportunity to warn others – while hoping that she learned something from the dramatic event.

“It is unfortunate to stay in Spain. But hopefully I will learn something from this, for example that you should not put all your eggs in one basket, that is, do not store passports, wallets, driving licenses, keys, mobile phones and computers in one and the same handbag “she writes.

This was not the first time Elisabet has been robbed in Spain. She was also exposed several years ago. Someone had then smashed the window on the car and stolen her things.

“It had the robbery even more negative consequences for me because I also had my computer stored in my purse plus the keys to the Spanish apartment as well as passport, mobile phone, keys to the house in Tungelsta and more. However, I was not robbed of any money or credit card because I had my wallet with me inside the grocery store “.

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