Elite Dangerous Odyssey: the explosive finale of the Azimuth Saga arrives with Update 13

After canceling Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PlayStation and Xbox, the guys at Frontier Developments focus exclusively on the PC version and outline the rich narrative and content innovations coming with theUpdate 13 of the space sandbox.

With Update 13, the team led by David Braben promises to “end with a bang” Azimuth Sagathe narrative phase inaugurated in 2020 and linked to the strenuous battle fought by humans against the threat of the alien race of the Thargoids.

In the explosive finale of the Azimuth Saga, all galactic explorers will be invited to head for the 22460 HIP system to participate in the war fought against the Xeno threat by the forces following the capital ships of the Federation, the Empire and the Alliance. The aim of the battle will be to help the enigmatic Salvation gain valuable time building theProteus wavea weapon that promises to end the threat posed by the Thargoids once and for all.

The final act of the war against the Xenos will officially start on the day of Tuesday 9th Augustcoinciding with the launch of update 13 of Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PC: the final act of the Azimuth saga, reports the Frontier Developments team, will lay the foundations for future Elite Dangerous content updates arriving in 2022 and beyond .

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