Elizabeth II: Bolsonaro accused of using his trip to London as a political platform

With the approach of the presidential election where he is playing for re-election, President Bolsonaro criticized from the balcony of the residence of the Brazilian ambassador in London “gender ideology”.

The period of national mourning decreed in the United Kingdom following the death of Queen Elizabeth II did not prevent Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro from haranguing the crowd. Traveling to London to attend the funeral of the British sovereign, he has multiplied political messages since his arrival.

From the balcony of the residence of the Brazilian ambassador, he improvised on Sunday, in front of supporters who had come to cheer him, a vehement speech, assuring that his country “does not want to hear about the liberalization of drugs, the legalization abortion”, while rejecting “gender ideology”. According to GuardianJair Bolsonaro spoke 13 seconds of the queen, and more than 2 minutes of his political agenda.

“Our motto is God, homeland, family and freedom. And that is the feeling of the vast majority of the Brazilian people,” he said.

Lula’s reviews

Because Jair Bolsonaro is campaigning. On October 2, the Brazilian presidential election will take place, where the current president is contesting his re-election. Facing him is notably Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, ahead in the polls.

Lula was quick to criticize the speech given on Sunday by Jair Bolsonaro, deemed incompatible with a visit abroad in connection with a state funeral.

“It is commendable for Bolsonaro to go to the Queen’s funeral. But to campaign, to speak ill of others? Instead of going to watch over the Queen, it would have been more commendable if he had gone to visit the families and orphans of victims of Covid-19, and that he bought the vaccines at the right time”, castigated the candidate.

The speech given to his supporters on Sunday is not the only political statement made by Jair Bolsonaro during his trip to the United Kingdom. In a video recorded at a British service station and relayed by the correspondent of the World in Brazil Bruno Meyerfeld, Jair Bolsonaro praised the action of his government, ensuring that the price of gasoline was lower in Brazil.

“Sources close to the presidency said the decision to attend the funeral was influenced by the possibility of recording campaign footage,” the daily revealed. O Estado de S. Paulomentioned by the Guardian.

An evangelical pastor by his side facing the queen’s coffin

Another approach that raised questions, the presence alongside Jair Bolsonaro and his wife, Michelle, facing the coffin of Elizabeth II, of the Brazilian Pentecostal pastor Silas Malafaia, renowned for his positions against feminism, homosexual marriage and the ‘abortion.

Finally, as Jair Bolsonaro spoke in the London borough of Mayfair on Sunday, several of his opponents rallied, requiring the intervention of British police forces to separate supporters of the Brazilian president from those who castigate him.

Raising questions on social media, with some wondering if London security forces had better things to do as world leaders gathered in the British capital for the Queen’s funeral.

“What a shameful scene in a time of national mourning,” blasted British journalist Tom Philipps, backing up his remarks with a video shot on Sunday, where we see a supporter of Jair Bolsonaro giving a camera the middle fingers.

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