Elizabeth II: Buckingham Palace publishes an unpublished snapshot of the sovereign the day before her funeral

The snap is from May 2022 and was taken at Windsor Castle.

On the eve of the funeral of Elizabeth II, the publication is symbolic. This Sunday, Buckingham Palace released a never-before-seen snapshot of the Queen taken last May at Windsor Castle. The sovereign, smiling, wears a blue ensemble as well as a pearl necklace.

As the national mourning that followed the death of the sovereign draws to a close, the new King Charles III this Sunday thanked in a statement “all those countless people” who showed their support.

This Sunday evening again, the country froze for a minute of silence in order to pay a new tribute to the sovereign who reigned 70 years.

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Death of Queen Elizabeth II

  • Elizabeth II: Charles III thanks the public for their support after the Queen’s death

  • On the eve of the funeral of Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom freezes for a minute of silence

  • “To say a last goodbye”, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron gather in front of the coffin of Elizabeth II

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