Elizabeth Rodríguez, detective ‘unfaithful’: “The ‘partner’ is always from the circle of the couple”

The lie always existed and obviously, infidelity too. Since ancient times, there are men who like to look at the forbidden and girls who do the same. Both men and women, as soon as they have the indication of belonging to the group of betrayed or betrayed, they usually seek professional help, but they do not always resort to the psychologybut to private detectives. Elizabeth Rodríguez is a lawyer and leads the ‘Fénix Women’s Squad’ agency and couples of the players of the peruvian national teambusinessmen, personalities of our entertainment. People who seem to go through life happier than anyone.

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Elizabeth, who looks for you more?

Men, because in our work, they are the most deceived.

How is that?

Women are more unfaithful than men.

And who is more difficult to discover?

Following a girl and finding her red-handed is more complicated.


They usually go to a shopping center and leave their car there. They go out and take a taxi and sometimes, they get on a bus until they reach the hotel where they have to meet their lover.

The man?

He brags about his conquest and when he is with her, he hugs her, kisses her.

Ways that the infidel has to hide when he is ‘surrounded’ by the situation?

He makes up a name and says: ‘It’s a new friend, we’re going to play soccer.’

What else?

He also ‘creates’ work trips to the province and goes to the house of the ‘dear’ to spend 2 or 3 days.

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How do a woman’s doubts arise?

They come and tell me: ‘My husband is weird, aggressive. He goes into the bathroom with his cell phone and other times they call him and he doesn’t answer. I found out that he puts his phone in airplane mode.’

They reveal themselves

Sometimes the lover calls and since he is not the one who answers, they hang up.

Are they that daring?

Sometimes, they themselves have written to the lady’s Instagram account letting her know that her husband is dating someone else.

And what is a lady like when she cheats?

Women are more careful. They don’t even tell their best friend.

On her phone, how does the woman record the ‘other’?

As the children’s teacher.

Ensures that women do not reveal their infidelity or the best friend (Photo: Allengino Quintana)
Ensures that women do not reveal their infidelity or the best friend (Photo: Allengino Quintana)

What unique cases have come to the agency?

I’ve been hired to follow your lover.


It is that they want it only for him.

And have there been any surprises?

A soldier arrived, whose wife is a real estate agent, so we could follow her.

What was the results?

He didn’t cheat on him with anyone, he just didn’t go to work, he went to the casino instead.

And how were your doubts ‘born’?

Jewelry and watches disappeared from his house. We even recorded it coming out of a pawn shop.

We have talked about the ‘victims’, but what profile does the ‘divider’ have?

He is almost always in the couple’s circle of friends.


Of course. It is seldom the personal training or the driver.

Have the wives of national team players arrived?

Yes, although for ethics I will not tell you the names.

Is the ‘player’ very cunning?

They rent apartments on the top floors of a building.

Tell me other singular cases

Some ladies believe that they are deceived and find that the husband woke up away from home because he was a gambler, an alcoholic or went into a hotel to take drugs. But those are only 2 percent of all cases.

Do they just want to discover and unmask the deception?

They also come advised by their lawyers, looking for evidence so that the Judge gives them custody of the children.

Ideal time to find all the evidence of the crime?

One week minimum.

Thank you very much and after this interview new clients will arrive

Surely yes and we will attend to them as it should be. You can follow us on our networks: Facebook: Phoenix Women’s Squad Detectives, Inst: Phoenix Women’s Squad and Youtube: Phoenix Women’s Squad.


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