Elmer Cáceres Llica announces that he will start a hunger strike

Elmer Cáceres Llica, the arrested regional governor of Arequipa, announced that he will begin a hunger strike as a measure of protest against, according to what he said, an alleged partialization of judge José Málaga Pérez, in charge of determining whether he will be ordered 36 months of preventive detention for the case ‘The children of the Condor’.

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I must indicate that it is my right to initiate a hunger strike against that supposed bias that I see in the magistrate José Málaga Pérez”Cáceres Llica indicated in his statement.

In addition, it indicated that the aforementioned magistrate would have indicated that it is not necessary to corroborate the audios that incriminate him and that he is only giving value to the transcripts made by the Public Ministry.

Cáceres Llica He also questioned the length of the hearing in which it was discussed whether he was being held in preventive detention. He considered that the prosecutor has been given more time to participate than the lawyers of the accused.

I was informed that the court’s resolution must be issued immediately, however, the judge every day is dedicated to reading and reading again the audios of the prosecution, which makes me think that in those time intervals between the days that During the hearing there is a danger that someone might suggest what to say or not to say“, he pointed Cáceres Llica.

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