ELN confirms the way to possible dialogues with the Government

In an interview with Snail Radio, Pablo Beltrán, one of the ELN guerrilla commanders confirmed that, at the initiative of United Nations, the Security Council of the Vatican and the Colombian church there is a good offices mechanism that serves as direct communication between the National government and the delegation of dialogues of the ELN

According to Beltrán, the purpose of this mechanism is to explore the possibility of resume peace talks with the government, but in turn, specify some humanitarian initiatives in the regions.

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“In several regions, the communities ask for humanitarian agreements and the church is very committed With that, we have said that we are ready, but it is necessary for the government, if it is not opposed, at least to allow these humanitarian initiatives in the regions to develop ”, said Beltrán.

According to the armed group, these initiatives will include work of conciliation with the fronts that are deployed throughout the territory so that “where there are problems between the communities and ELN forces problems are resolved through dialogue without involving actions that violate the communities ”.

Beltrán assured that the armed group is willing to deploy these initiatives where the Episcopal Conference.

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“As they are the head of this initiative, we have said that the conference determines where a pilot project to start that, that they choose and where they choose, they can count on us to make that humanitarian force that they decide ”.

Regarding the declarations of President Iván Duque that a dialogue would only be held if the guerrillas ceased all kinds of hostilities, Beltrán assured that “it is very civil to ask the ELN to do unilateral cessation when there is evidence that government forces use them to gain military advantage, we are willing to do it, but on a bilateral basis and we hope that the government will reciprocate in that sense.

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