Elon Musk did not box with Canelo: Marc Castro looks a lot like the CEO of SpaceX and goes viral

The level of humanity’s obsession with Elon Musk has reached unsuspected levels. The alleged richest man in the world has been in charge of starring in news and scandals of all kinds in recent years.

But in one of the strangest and most confusing turns that social networks have experienced in recent times, videos, jokes and tweets began to circulate where they talked about Musk having found a new passion: boxing. But not as a spectator, but as a boxer in the ring.

All after a video of a forceful knockout in a duel prior to the main fight of Canelo Álvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin in Las Vegas.

Where we saw someone who could well be confused with the tycoon, but in a much more tanned version and with better physical condition.

Marc Castro the “Elon Musk” of boxing goes viral

For quite a few months, the boxing community has had a recurring joke where they talk about how the boxer of Latin descent, Marc Castro, has an undeniable resemblance to Elon Musk.

This same situation has been exploited by the fighter himself in their social networks, where he misses no opportunity to make jokes about it. Therefore, by the time he entered the ring on September 17, the comments were already revolving around the fact that he was Elon Musk:

The main fight was of course that of Canelo Álvarez, but in one of the previous lightweight matches, with Castro himself against Kevin Montiel Mendoza, an unexpected event occurred in the fifth round that ended up going viral.

As good old Marc managed to land a direct blow to his opponent’s jaw with a hard-hitting uppercut, thus achieving a one-punch knockout that sent his opponent to the canvas:

The knockout generated a huge reaction on social media. However, once again, Castro gained the same amount of attention simply because of his appearance.

With nearly a dozen professional fights to date, the recurring comment is always that the 23-year-old looks uncannily like Elon Musk.

And in the case of this video, the jokes reached the point of almost assuring that it was the executive.

Unsurprisingly, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla has yet to respond to the comparisons.

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