Elon Musk should have more children “like a medieval king”, according to his father

The relationship between Elon Musk and his father Errol not the best. It’s understandable because of how controversial the father figure of the world’s richest man is. He fathered two children with his own stepdaughter, He openly criticizes Tesla and whenever he issues an opinion, he generates controversy.

Precisely on this occasion we met to talk about his most recent opinion, which obviously generated controversy in the wonderful world of social networks and the Internet.

Although strangely, on this occasion, he celebrates his son’s actions in terms of the number of children he has and encourages him to continue having more.

According to Errol Musk, his son Elon should have more children. He bases his argument on the fact that the owner of Space X, Tesla Motors and Starlink is some kind of king or owner of a monarchy, for all the money he has.

“I see no reason for Elon not to have more children. The monarchies of the past did not think about having children, and they were all illegitimate. About 80% of them were illegitimate in Europe: 20 or 30 children. You have the money and you’re a king or something, why wouldn’t you do it?” Errol said, according to a review. Business Insider.

What does Elon Musk say about having children?

Elon Musk already has 10 children, something that maybe 30 years ago was normal, but now it is not so common to find. Perhaps the strangest thing about the matter is that the CEO of Tesla once said that he “was helping to increase the birth rate in the world.”

We don’t know if he was joking or serious. But Errol seizes on that very statement and maintains that he is concerned about this world situation.

Errol told the aforementioned portal through a phone call that he celebrates Elon’s decision to have procreated a pair of twins with Shivion Zilis, director of Neuralink and an expert in technology and Artificial Intelligence.

“I think she’s a very smart girl and, you know, if you want your kids to be smart, you more than likely want your wife to be pretty smart,” Errol Musk said.

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