Elon Musk turns his worst enemy into a Twitter intern

News JVTech Elon Musk turns his worst enemy into a Twitter intern

At Twitter, yesterday’s enemy can become today’s intern: Elon Musk has just proved it by hiring, for a few weeks, a talented hacker with whom he had trouble leaving several years ago.

For gamers who lived through the days of the PlayStation 3, George Hotz’s name is probably not unknown : this hacker was the first to jailbreak Sony’s console in 2010. At the time, he was only 21 years old and he called himself Geohot. His hack of the PS3 paved the way for multiple changes to the platformwhich helped make him go down in history.

Afterwards, George Hotz notably distinguished himself by jailbreaking the iPhone in 2011, the year in which he was hired by Facebook. But he only stayed a few months with Mark Zuckerberg. In 2015, he temporarily worked at Google, and it was also during this period that he met Elon Musk.

Elon Musk and George Hotz, the start of a rivalry

In 2015, therefore, the boss of Tesla challenges the famous hacker : that of creating an autonomous driving system as efficient as that of the Israeli company Mobileye. Musk promises Hotz $12 million, but he’ll take $1 million off a month’s wait. This challenge does not give anything since even if George Hotz achieves a result, Elon Musk considers the latter not efficient enough to reward the hacker. He still offers him to join Tesla, but Hotz will end up declining the proposal, preferring to create his own start-up linked to autonomous driving., Comma.ai. What turn the two men into rivals.

The system developed by Comma.ai is Open Source and it works today on more than 200 vehicles from Toyota, Hyundai or Honda. However, it would seem that this company does not occupy all of the time of George Hotz, who has just finally agreed to work for Elon Musk.

George Hotz during a TechCrunch conference.

Elon Musk turns his worst enemy into a Twitter intern

And George Hotz becomes an intern at Twitter

On November 22, it was on his Twitter account that the famous jailbreaker announced the news: he will work for 12 weeks on behalf of the social network with the objective of repairing the “broken and unusable search engine” of the platform.

Internet users are skeptical : “There is no way this guy will show up and fix the search engine when thousands of people have tried before him without success”, said one of them. George Hotz replies: “However, this is the mission that Elon gave me, and I will do my best to achieve it. I’m 12 weeks old”he says, before adding that he also wants to tackle the pop-up that appears to connect to Twitter. “It’s kind of the kind of thing that ruins the Internet.”

Amusingly, while Musk’s initial self-driving challenge to Hotz spanned 12 months, the Twitter-related one spans only 12 weeks. It’s probably no coincidence. Now 33 years old, George Hotz is certainly more composed. “I’m good at doing things in times of war”he told the site Techcrunch.

One thing is certain, at a time when millions of Internet users daily scrutinize the developments linked to Twitter, the former jailbreak prodigy is now expected at the turn. It wouldn’t hurt the bluebird to plump up a bit: what if George Hotz was indeed Musk’s best asset today? Response within 12 weeks.

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