Elon reaches 100 million followers on Twitter: how he did it

Elon Musk has become one of the most popular and controversial characters on the web, as well as in the technology industry. Much of this is largely due to his Twitter account.

From there, the man behind SpaceX and Tesla Motors has managed to become a must-see celebrity on just about any tech or pop culture topic.

In recent months, if not years, and beyond the family scandals, Musk has also become the subject of debate and criticism for his behavior.

Where on more than one occasion he seems to have manipulated social networks in favor of his personal, economic interests or for the simple pleasure of seeing things burn.

In fact, anything you post related to Tesla Motors today theoretically has to be reviewed and approved before posting.

Still, amid all these factors, Elon Musk’s popularity is undeniable on the blue bird’s social network. And now he has reached a new milestone in his career.

Elon Musk reaches 100 million followers: this is how he did it

In the last few hours, the executive has become a Trending Topic after the news that he has finally reached the 100 million followers mark on Twitter went viral.

Just go to your official account in the social network to verify that the subject has indeed reached that number, which places him as one of the most influential personalities on Twitter along with:

  • Barack Obama: 132.1 million.
  • Justin Bieber: 114.1 million.
  • Katy Perry: 108.8 million.
  • Rihanna: 106.9 million.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo: 101.3 million.

As we can see, there are some celebrities, athletes, and politicians above Elon Musk on Twitter, but at the rate things are going, there is a possibility that he will match or exceed them.

And how has Elon Musk achieved this fame on the social network? If you have followed the Tesla Motors executive in recent years, you will see that there is a distinctive pattern in his behavior.

Where Elon often shares incendiary memes, responds to celebrities and mere mortals, gives unpopular opinions on sensitive topics, preaches about the technology and industry of the future, and writes nonsense that has his followers talking about it for days.

Thanks to this mix, Musk seems to have found the ideal formula to keep current on Twitter. Although of course, being the richest man in the world definitely helps.

Here we share a selection of his most memorable tweets:

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