“Elvis” – The King and his devil

Such a loud, groovy and at the same time fabulously told biography of a musician is rare. And: Tom Hanks (65) has never played such a dark role!

Story: Show manager “Colonel” Tom Parker (Hanks) witnesses how the teenage Elvis Presley (Austin Butler, 30) freaks out teenagers with his voice and swinging hips. Parker signs the exceptional talent and turns him into the “King of Rock’n’Roll”…

alcohol, pills. Elvis had many demons – but only one devil. His name was “Colonel” Tom Parker and he took the gifted singer from like a Christmas goose. It also made him rich and famous. Because Elvis’ way to the top was paved by television. The King really took off when color TVs were just becoming affordable for the masses in the United States.

The film is told from Parker’s point of view. Often over the top, sometimes euphemistic, and of course Parker himself had “only the best” in mind for the King in every decision. The immense influence that Presley had on music fades into the background despite a number of songs.

Tom Hanks shines in “Elvis”. But “Elvis shines through Austin Butler! His performance as King is thrilling on stage, dramatic and believable in moments with his family.

The king lives – in this film.

Conclusion: A film as unique as the King. Tom Hanks at his most diabolical. “Elvis” does more justice to the phenomenon than to the person.

(142. Min./FSK: from 12 years)

Photo: BILD

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