Embarrassing: AV-Test’s Twitter account hacked, no access for days

Losing access to a particular account is no good for anyone. But it’s embarrassing when a company or institution still doesn’t have access to it a week later. The word embarrassing doesn’t suffice when it comes to security professionals.

The Magdeburg security institute AV-Test is also a regular guest in our reporting. It’s no wonder that they are renowned when it comes to assessing the reliability of security and anti-virus programs.

But now AV-Test is busy with a case that shouldn’t happen in this form: A good week ago you reported via your actually German-speaking account that you had lost access to the English-speaking account. It is not known how this could happen, but users promptly wondered how something like this could happen to an online security company.

Twitter support takes its time

At the time, AV-Test wrote that they were already in contact with Twitter support “to solve this problem as quickly as possible.” So it sounded like just a matter of time before @avtestorg would be able to access it again, but a week later there is no sign of it. Because on the account that is actually responsible for security issues, an unknown person is spreading dubious links on the subject of NFT – not necessarily what a reputable security provider wants to be associated with. Because the account is still hijacked, AV-Test has already publicly contacted Twitter support several times and is literally begging the short message service to take care of the matter. All the necessary information has already been sent several times and we have still not received any feedback or even access (again).

No further information is available, AV-Test last reported on this last Thursday. We will update the article accordingly as soon as the matter has hopefully found a happy ending soon for the people of Magdeburg.

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Test, antivirus, AV test

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