Embarrassing scene when the royal couple met – lost everything

An embarrassment occurred when the Swedish royal couple met the Spanish.

King and Queen Silvia have just had one of the funniest missions of the year. They welcomed King Felipe, 53, and his queen Letizia, 49, who were on their first Spanish state visit in 42 years.

The court had prepared two royal procession wagons, one for the king and Felipe, one for Silvia and Letizia, who carried the two royal couples one and a half kilometers, into the Inner Courtyard. And the atmosphere was good!

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Embarrassing scene when the Swedish royal couple met the Spanish royal couple

The royal family

Spanish Hola had a reporter who followed in the footsteps of the royal couple, and their report showed that there was a good atmosphere between the rulers and queens.

“They have been through a lot in recent days, and ever since they first met, the royal families have talked warmly with each other, joked and laughed and once again shown what a good relationship they have with each other,” writes Hola.

According to Hola, it was two of the royals who got along extra well.

“King Felipe and Queen Silvia never stopped having intimate conversations and smiling at each other,” the newspaper writes.

The deadly sequence: “She lost everything”

At meetings between two royal families, every detail becomes interesting to tell about. Letizia was involved in something that may seem quite mundane, but which gets greater magnitude because she is a queen.

“The big story of the day was when Queen Letizia dropped her bag and you could see she had a cell phone and lipstick in it, she bent down casually to pick it up, but several men ran forward to help her.” , writes Hola.

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