Émeric (Love is in the meadow) recounts his crush on Anne-Lise (VIDEO)

Émeric, who had participated in Love is in the meadow in 2018, is now a happy man. He shares the life of a certain Anne-Lise, whom he presented to his subscribers on Instagram in February. In love seen from the meadow this Monday, September 19, he returned to their real love at first sight.

Emeric has long been one of the most coveted bachelors in Love is in the meadow. During his participation in the show in 2018, the nurseryman of season 13 had invited two young women to accompany him to the farm: Clémentine and Lucie. He had lived a beginning of love story with the latter, who has since rebuilt his life, but he had presented himself alone in the balance sheet. A few months later, he revealed that he was in a relationship with Maëlle, a pretty brunette he had met during speed-dating in Paris, but whom he had not retained for life on the farm. But after a few months of love, the couple separated. Single since then, he announced that he had finally found love last February.

Love is in the meadow : Émeric presented his new girlfriend on Instagram on February 14

Romantic, Emeric had chosen Valentine’s Day to present his new companion to his subscribers, a certain Anne-Lise. “Two months ago I fell in love!!! She fills me with happiness every day that passes, when she’s not there I miss her, there’s like a void but we find ourselves very quickly to share beautiful moments in twos and even in threes…”, he wrote then in the height of happiness. The young woman had even accompanied the nurseryman and beekeeper to the Agricultural Show. But we did not know until then the circumstances of their meeting. Émeric benefited from an appearance in love seen from the meadowbroadcast this Monday, September 19, to say more about it.

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The nurseryman fell in love with his beautiful

It’s been 8 months since I met Anne-Lise. So now I share my life with this amazing girl.” explained the farmer, still on a small cloud. And it is within the framework of his professional activity that he fell in love with his darling. “We met while delivering a Christmas tree to her and when she got out of the car, my heart went boom boom. I had butterflies in my stomach. We can call it love at first sight, it’s what I felt anyway, he described. Émeric only finds qualities in the one who makes his heart beat. “Anne-Lise, what I like about her is that she is simple, gentle, caring and she makes me laugh and me too”, he listed. On the other hand, it will be necessary to wait a few weeks before discovering it on the show.

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