Emiliano Amor brings the definitive Out of Context to life

Emiliano Amor is a player who immediately made an impact on Colo Colo upon arrival, giving security to the defense and enjoying a long undefeated streak with the Alba jersey. Today, doing a double with Maximiliano Falcón, the best version of his game is being seen.

However, in addition to his good level, there is another point about the defender that strongly attracted the attention of the white fans: his “attractiveness”, especially because of the honey color of his eyes, something that captivated several on social networks.

Some ventured a little further in that sense, even claiming that he was identical to British actor Robert Powell, famous for having played Jesus in the well-known film Jesus of Nazareth.

Those statements reached Emiliano himself, who neither fool nor lazy took advantage of his resemblance to go to a costume party with his wife like Jesus himself, with the appropriate tunic and wig so that, more than a costume, it looks like a kind of cosplayer.

Check out Emiliano Amor’s remarkable costume:

Emiliano Amor was disguised as Jesus of Nazareth himself. | Photo: Capture.

Emiliano Amor will enjoy two days off with his Colo Colo colleagues during these national holidays, resting on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 September. Los albos will return to training on Monday 20 to prepare in the best way for the Superclásico against Universidad de Chile in Rancagua, a match scheduled for next Sunday 26 at 16:30.

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