Emiliano Amor: "No team has beaten us"

Emiliano Amor came to be the central defender of Gustavo Quinteros and that’s how it has been. The Argentine has not released the title since he arrived and today he is one of the key pieces of coach Albo.

The former Vélez Sarsfield spoke with Al Aire Libre of Radio Cooperativa and was happy for the great moment that the team is experiencing, which has been fighting in the upper part of the National Championship and the Chile Cup.

“I feel that the group is very committed, and being committed there are many boys who make an effort in the matter of weighing, in injuries, because in the physical part we are very well. I think we are here to fight the Chile Cup and the tournament local until the end, because I think there was no team that surpassed us “, he detailed.

He further added that, “In all the games, at least since I played, I always felt that Colo Colo was better, even if he had drawn or won. And feeling that, feeling that the dressing room is fine, that the dialogue with the coaching staff is good, we can dream of something nice “.

Emiliano Amor in Colo Colo

Finally, he talked about his adaptation to the team. “It was the best. I knew that Colo Colo had not had a good time, but I knew it was a matter of time, because he is a great from Chile and it was a matter of time to get organized and start winning. In Vélez he was alternating, but he wanted to play important games and that is what I am living now. Here the group integrated me well, and today I feel strong and important within the group. It was a positive decision “, he sentenced.

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