Emilio and Åsa Ingrosso’s nightmare – the difficult situation in the relationship: "The heart breaks"

Emilio Ingrosso and Åsa Ingrosso

Åsa Ingrosso and Emilio Ingrosso are completely stranded – now expressing their longing for their real home

Pernilla is forced from her home – lives in a hotel

After the commercial: Pernilla is forced from her home – lives in a hotel


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Åsa Ingrosso and Emilio Ingrosso are in Sweden – completely involuntarily!

The restaurateur couple have two homes that they commute between. One in Stockholm and one in Palma de Mallorca.

Emilio Ingrosso moved to Mallis already in the early 2000s. When he met love in Åsa Ingrosso ten years later, he moved back to Sweden.

It didn’t take long before the couple decided that Sweden was a little too gray and boring. The moving load took off to the heat again:

– It was a little too cold and gray here in Sweden. We’re moving back, girlfriend Åsa then told Björling The evening paper.

Emilio Ingrosso and Åsa Ingrosso.

The restaurateur couple thrives in the heat! Photo: TT

Åsa Ingrosso: Suddenly very cold

Yes, thoughts do go to warmer places when the cold and winter is this noticeable.

Åsa expresses her frustration at being stuck in the north:

“We thought we would be in Sweden for a month this time. Max! But of course we are late with the construction and we are now approaching 2 months. Now that it suddenly got really cold, it feels like a very long time.” writes Åsa on her Instagram.

It really wasn’t meant to be this unclear:

“Also, we have no idea when everything will be ready either. Delayed deliveries and stuff we can’t rush or influence. So we’re kind of hanging in the air right now.” continues the text of the post.

Longing to return to “real home”

It is difficult for Åsa to handle the unexpected situation right now. All she and Emilio want most is to go back to their dear Mallis.

“I miss home so much that my heart breaks. The light, the colors, the warmth, the lifestyle. Because this is like home! Mallorca is my real.. “HOME” In both soul and heart.”

Emilio is also in a melancholy mood:

“Missing our home,” writes the restaurateur in a comment to the post.

There are indeed many who are stuck in the cold right now…

Åsa Ingrosso’s exclusive hotel night with Emilio – the unlikely price tag for a room

Let’s hope it works out for Åsa and Emilio!

Photo: TT/Instagram

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